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    Apr 2013

    HP 2100 Memory Problem or ?

    I have an HP LJ 2100 that will print a Test Page, but not print most Office Documents (even 1 page Word or Excel docs.) or even small Web pages. It will just flash the Attn LED. No Status Log Codes show up on the Config Page. The Engine Test Page appears to be OK. There is paper in the printer and there are No paper jams.

    The problem seems to have started when I moved the printer to a with Win 7 Home Prem (64 bit) or Vista Home Pro PC. All appears normal except most documents will not print. I am suspicious about the amount of memory available in the printer although in the past, using older equipment, with Win 95 & XP, this printer did work OK, if slowly for larger jobs. Currently it has no DIMM cards installed and the following memory.

    Total Memory: 4Mbytes
    Available Memory: 2.78
    I/O Buffering:
    10 bytes allocated of 100K bytes Available

    Is adding memory (DIMM) the solution, or is there another problem?

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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Re: HP 2100 Memory Problem or ?

    Have you installed the "universal print driver" from the HP website ?

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    Nov 2001

    Re: HP 2100 Memory Problem or ?

    There are four possible causes that will display the Attention light pattern:

    The door is open.
    The print cartridge is missing.
    There is a paper jam.
    The paper tray is set to A4 instead of letter.

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