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    Jun 2010

    Caviar Blue or Black? SSD? What to choose?

    My HDD's failing, so I'm looking for a new one to replace it. My max budget goes as far as 2x1TB Caviar Blue cost (a reference, since I'm not from the US), WD10EZEX model. Or 1x500GB VelociRaptor as another reference for the price-check.

    Here are some thoughts, requirements, research info that I've done. I'd like to hear some opinions about it, get advice on what's the most rational solution for me:

    I want at least 1TB of space, if more - even better.

    So, as far as I'm concerned, Black's (WD1002FAEX) significantly slower than Blue in reading huge files, while Blue's significantly slower when reading lots of smaller files.

    Therefore, I'm considering blue + an SSD. SSDs are quite costly, and to have the OS + use it as a cache disk (not sure how that works or what it does, just know that it's "faster," would be nice to read something concise about that too), I'd have to buy at least ~60GB SSD. Which means stretching my budget quite a bit. So is there a better choice?
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