Hmm, just jumped on the SSD bandwagon a few months ago. Kind of trying to figure out how to get it performing like it should. Upon first install with Win 7 it seemed ok, was maxing out WEI at 7.9 and HD Tach was scoring around 450ish burst.

I had to format and noticed yeah the WEI score was the same but every time I ran HD Tach it was below 400.

Im giving Win 8 another go right now, just finished setting it up and am running every HDD benchmark I could find. Most of them fall behind the review benchies of this SSD... Only Win 8 WEI seems ok at 8.1 and ATTO bench is scoring like it should, the rest, AS SSD bench, Crystal and HD Tune are all falling short. IOPS are wayyyyyyy too low. Im tinkering around with drivers. At first I thought it was cause device manager was showing standard MS AHCI driver. I installed the amd ahci driver and don't really see a difference. I figured the Marvell driver might help but from what Im reading this mobos marvell driver only controls the eSATA ports.

Is there something Im missing? Maybe NCQ isn't on? Didn't AMD enable NCQ on latest drivers if it sees AHCI on in bios?

See system specs below, in the mean time Im gonna try and get this thing up to par.