MSI 785GT-E63/PhenomX3 8450e
3gb ddr2-6400 / 600w thermaltake pwr / Ximatek 92mm Loki heatpipe - need a little help OCing

Trying for a reasonable overclock hoping to get from 2.1 to 2.7 or more

All voltages stock

ACC disabled
Core unlock - disabled

CPU multi down to 6

HT Link - X3

Ram Divider - I am a little unsure on this. At first I thought it should be 1:2.66 but the # listed below showing actual freq.was much higher than when I changed to 1:1. So I left it at 1:1 (550mhz)

CPU - NB down to x5 (1250)

raised FSB with several steps to 275

raised CPU - NB over steps to 1925

raised HT - up to 2475

raised CPU - Multi to 7.5 for 2060mhz

If I try raising the cpu multi to 8 it will not boot.

From the info given does it seem that I am starting out properly? I thought that I would be raising the cpu multi and possibly some voltages from here but I must have something set incorrectly.

Any ideas?