Hi everyone!

Almost 11 years ago I did some folding on a Linux machine using the console application.

I've got an old computer (circa 2003) that I recently spruced up and installed a circa 2006 SuSE Linux distribution on. I don't dare install anything more "modern" than that on it, because even the 2006 Linux stuff runs a little slow (you should see how my browser is rendering some of these newfangled webpages. It's like ... lol!!). On a 2nd hard drive it's also got Windows XP which I recently updated up the kazoo, and it too, is really slow.

However, when I got the computer it was a top-notch custom job and it still works fine, so I've been wanting to put it to good use for some while. Have finally gotten around to it.

Anyway, I downloaded the legacy Linux console app, but I don't remember all the arguments you need to run the thing. I know it's "chmod " and then the name of the executable but when I do that it tells me I need more arguments. Anyone remember what all the needed arguments are?

Finally, I had joined a folding team (check my old posts). Does that group still exist? If so, I might as well stick with it.