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    [SOLVED]8350 and higher voltages?

    Im trying to OC this 8350 and having issues. Max stable OC at defaults voltage is 4.5. At 4.6 I get freezes. Now heres the tricky part, if I raise voltage is where the problem is. I tried 4.6 @ 1.45 and even 1.5 and system freezes with OCCT stress test.

    To troubleshoot I set clock @ default 4 ghz and then raised voltage to 1.45 and was still freezing in OCCT.

    I went all the way down to default 1.325 voltage. It was stable with that, little by little cranked voltage up, limit was 1.4 stable. Anything above 1.4 with even stock clock speeds gives my system freeze in OCCT.

    Any ideas guys?

    Temps are fine and all power options off in bios. Don't know whats wrong, previous Thuban CPU oced fine in this mobo.

    EDIT: Im thinking its something with board. Was reading around and I heard that some of the AM3+ mobos aren't fully compatible with piledriver, they will work for phenoms and bulldozers. Im thinking of getting a sabertooth and see what happens.
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