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    Jun 2013

    Question Advice for Memory Upgrade?!

    Hey Everyone, whats up people here? I just joined currently. wishing you can help me out for this.

    i love to do video editing with adobe premiere, but as videos are recorded more often in HD, My system is Biostar Hi-Fi A55S3 motherboard with AMD A8-6500 and 4 GB DDR3. Anyway if i am looking in the task manager there is always enough Memory free during video editing.
    Now i am wondering if a memory upgrade to 8 GB would really make sense in that case? Or could it be a too slow CPU?

    let meknow the possible budget for this and your advice. what do you think?

    Thanks y'all!

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    Re: Advice for Memory Upgrade?!

    Are you trying to make video encoding times faster? Or are you simply not able to record in HD correctly?
    That CPU is very good its the new richland, not exactly as powerfull as an FX cpu though.

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    Re: Advice for Memory Upgrade?!

    I would say an upgrade to 8gb would be beneficial. My guess is that when your looking in task manager your looking at total available memory which includes your swap file. Just a guess.

    4gb is the low end now. However, if you only have a 32bit OS then going to 8gb will make no difference as your OS will not be able to use the extra memory.

    I really don't know anything about video editing, but I do know that going to 8gb won't cost you an arm and a leg and will surely give you better performance.

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    Re: Advice for Memory Upgrade?!

    When it comes to video editing and speed and what it has to do with the ram is interesting.

    When you start 1 task it uses very little ram and 4gb is plenty sufficient. However the speed of that ram impacts the total encoding time tremendously. So I would just bit the bullet and upgrade to the fastest your board allows. An 8GB kit of DDR3-1866 which will allow the cpu to communicate with the ram a lot faster. Since encoding tasks are held in memory just like all tasks you run, which needs to pass data from the hard drive cache in system ram then the cpu process it.

    Anyway when it comes down to time even on an i7 930 from 3ghz to 4.2ghz we are talking about in the neighborhood of 45 minutes faster. Then again the triple channel ram of ddr3-1600 can yield 30GB/s which is insane.

    By increasing the speed of your ram, you therefore increase the peak potential of your cpu. So I'd overclock the A8 Quad to 4.5Ghz and make sure it's stable by means of 50 runs of intelburntest at (32-128) threads on normal stress level.

    That will significantly speed up your encode times.

    Good Luck

    Download AIDA64, and run the memory and cache benchmark. Then print screen it and post it here... See if your getting optimal memory speeds of in the neighborhood of between 8-15GB/s. Could see closer to 20GB/s with 4.5Ghz and DDR3-1866.

    If your sick of waiting get a dual xeon system on craigslist with two 6 core 12 thread chips with 24 threads total. With it's typical 64gb ram in "Quad Channel" on occasion. That's what i'll do eventually, saw someone selling a Dell T7500 for $200.... 192gb ram support dual 6 core hyperthreaded xeon support.
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