I have access to 3 identical 1080p monitors with DVI connections. I want to try out some 3 screen gaming, but I'm still running an old 9000 series Nvidia card, so it is time for an upgrade. Right now I'm waffling between something like the Titan or two Zotac AMP cards from the High End system. I'm open to any other suggestions at the moment. I dual boot Windows 7 64bit and Linux Mint and play games with Steam on both, so I'm leaning towards something from Nvidia. I just don't know if I'm sure about AMD cards and Linux compatibility yet. I hear they are ok in Linux, but I got bit on a HTPC a while back by a Radeon card so I'm still a little gun-shy.

My motherboard is an older ASUS M4A79 Deluxe board, but it has plenty of PCI Express x16 slots and I'm just not seeing much of a bottleneck on CPU or RAM, so I'm not quite ready to upgrade the rest of the system.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or experiences you might have!