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    Oct 2009

    Updating Drivers Manually

    Things I have done.
    Checked Windows Update.
    Check Device manufacture and product websites.
    And Device Manager.

    Windows update does not help as it says everything is up to date.
    Device manager does not show all the drivers that could be updated.
    I wont update if everything is working properly and just leave everything alone.

    This Notebook is intel and went to their website to download the driver but it said,

    "Intel provides generic versions of software and drivers. Your computer manufacturer may have altered the features, incorporated customizations, or made other changes.

    The following companies manufacture, sell and support computer systems based on Intel technology. If you are experiencing issues with or have questions about your computer system, the system manufacturer is the best source of support. Check the manufacturer's support Web site for updated system BIOS, drivers and solutions to common problems."

    So I went to the manufactures website which is Acer.

    I put in the information to find the driver on the website.
    Product Model
    Select product from list etc
    Shows me the drivers for my computer and everything, great!

    Now if i download them will they uninstall the old drivers already installed on this computer?
    Here is an example.
    If i uninstall a display driver, will i be able to see Windows again on my screen because if not, that would suck.
    So how should I approach this without messing up my computer?
    Uninstalling a driver, will Windows have a default driver to run off of until it is updated?

    Thank you for any help provided.

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    Dec 2012

    Re: Updating Drivers Manually

    quick answer: you'll see your desktop after reboot (using Windows' default driver) but in a crappy lower resolution (like 640x480).

    Sounds like you're new to this so I'll state the rule where drivers are concerned: if it aint broke, dont fix it.

    Intel dont normally upgrade beyond whats provided with the system, and the upgrades would be more of a stability fix than performance related. Until recently (HD4000/Iris and the upcoming Broadwell IGP), Intel graphics just sucked, so updating their GMA, 8xx or 9xx IGPs wont help. Other drivers may show a difference - WIFi or NIC may have better power saving features or connection integrity - but tread lightly as you're also likely to destabilize your system. You can usually roll back to previous if there are problems.

    Do a complete driver backup and a hard drive image to be safe.

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    Jul 2013
    California, USA

    Re: Updating Drivers Manually

    Yeah, I agree with ea1985 (if it aint broke, don't fix it)

    That said, when updating drivers I go to each manufacturer's website. For example, go to HP for printer drivers, AMD for GPU and CPU, etc. That's the best way to do it imo.
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