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    Oct 2009

    Catalyst 13.10 Beta Frame Pacing Eyefinity Effects

    Ok since frame pacing is supposed to work on single resolutions up to 2560x1600(4.096 megapixels) I was wondering if frame pacing would work on Eyefinity resolutions that had an equal or lower overall megapixel amount. Hoping this would open up some custom Eyefinity resolutions to play with and still have frame pacing. So here's the results. Crysis 3 is the game, these are manual run through from the beginning of the level Safeties Off, until you reach the downed chopper with the intel. I spin around twice at the beginning to load art assets, modify my gun then set off into the level usually right after Psycho finishes speaking. Settings are maxed out except for motion blur being turned off. System config is in my sig. Center monitor is connected via displayport.

    1920x1200 Frame Pacing On

    1920x1200 Frame Pacing Off

    Frame pacing looks like it's working as it should giving a clear advantage to the smoothness of having it enabled

    3324x768 Frame Pacing On

    3324x768 Frame Pacing Off

    Here we see the results going the other way, with Frame Pacing Off having the better average, max, and low percentile frame times.

    4032x800 Frame Pacing On

    4032x800 Frame Pacing Off

    Frame pacing has better average, max, and low percentile frame times than running with it off at this res

    4032x1024 Frame Pacing On

    4032x1024 Frame Pacing Off

    Looks like a little more advantage to frame pacing here than at the 800 res but again it's not much. Better average, max, and low percentile frame times that having frame pacing turned off.

    5292x1050 Frame Pacing On

    5292x1050 Frame Pacing Off

    this one has very slightly better average frame time for the frame pacing turned on but also slightly worse max and low percentile frame times

    Well there we go just wanted to satisfy my own curiosity more than anything else. The performance of the game has come a long way since my first play through on this config. All the results here are probably within some margin of error introduced by the run through being manually done. I'm going to leave the frame pacing turned on based on these results. It may not be doing anything positive but it doesn't appear to be doing anything negative either. Hopefully AMD will get it working well for Eyefinity, OpenGL, and DX9 games before too long. That being said it's my opinion that at least the performance has gotten to the point where I can play the game in Eyefinity mode now without having a slide show. The first time I played through the highest Eyefinity resolution I could even attempt to play at was 2400x600. At that resolution it still wasn't smooth, and it looked like crap. So I'm glad to have more options now.
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    Re: Catalyst 13.10 Beta Frame Pacing Eyefinity Effects

    Interesting results. Did you check out my most recent Frame Rating story on this?
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