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    Oct 2013

    5.1 Speakers Placement restriction

    Hi guys. Im getting a set of 5.1 speakers and not a 2.1 mainly because in general , the 5.1 has higher watts than a 2.1, so the subwoofer of a 5.1 packs more bass i guess.
    The thing is , my room is pretty small , and i cant set up rear speakers on the right rear end because my bed frame is fixed on the floor and im not allowed to drill holes for a ceiling speaker. Ive came up with a few options .

    Option 1 : Put both rear speakers at the left corner with a 3 feet spacing.
    Option 2: Put one rear speaker at the left corner and the other speaker on my left. (right side of room is the door/walking space)
    Option 2 : Put all 5 speakers on my desk , and find a way to make rear speakers play the same thing as front speakers. (How do i do this anyway , is it a setting?)

    Cheers guys. Hope to get a reply soon . ^^

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    Nov 2013

    Re: 5.1 Speakers Placement restriction

    mount a t frame of wood or metal to the back of your chair and put one speaker on either side behind your head.
    You will of coarse have to be careful of the wires when sitting down/standing up unless they are wireless speakers.
    The higher watts on a 5.1 vs a 2.1 would likely be from the extra 3 speakers but sometimes they do up the sub a bit as well.
    Depending on your budget Logitech has a great 2.1 set-up [wireless] for about 200-250$ very clean tight bass.

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