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    Automated Backup software for CentOS 6?

    Hi guys. The SFTP server at this site is using CentOS 6 and I've been asked to find a automated backup solution for it. Ideally, the manager is requested a full system image first, followed by daily or weekly incremental backups on the data only.

    Are there any easy to use GUI based backup/recovery software that's compatible with CentOS? I've looked into a couple gui based ones but alot of them did not appear to support CentOS. Would appreciate any input to this linux noob (me of course).

    Forgot to add that we'll be hooking up a external Western Digital 3TB drive to it. Is it suggested (if possible) to format it to ext4 file system first from NTFS or FAT32 before I even attempt to plug it into the CentOS machine or will I still be able to mount it manually even if it comes as NTFS/FAT32 from the factory?

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    Re: Automated Backup software for CentOS 6?

    Using GUI software on a UNIX or UNIX-like OS is in bad taste.
    You should really be using bash scripts.

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