First time ever posting on any forum,... Thank you!

I just slapped an AMD FX 8350 Black on a Sabertooth Revison 2. (Yeah, no Gen 3 avail anywhere even with waving a grand of cash in the air...)

I maybe splitting hairs in my head as far as best performance. I am reaching for any and all fellow enthusiast input and opinions as well as smart-ass remarks in celebration of my first post. I think I have a tricky decision as far as memory selection that I ALREADY OWN. So please no price/budget considerations thnx.

The board specs says 1866 max, I forget if that matters when ocing on my Sabertooth 1.0. Hey! I'm pushing 35, s*** really starts going downhill at this age these days, it's the new 75 so watch yer mouth...I still have 20" tri-guns...

The memory sets I have:

2 sticks of 2gb 1600mhz 6-6-6-18 Corsair Dominator GT w/optional extended cooling fins/sinks with active cooling fans made for this particular memory set. Yes, that is DDR3, it was a special order/edition set for $350 not to brag/fyi need to know basis.

4 sticks of 4gb 2000mhz 9-10-9-27 Corsair XMS3 w/no special cooling features.

-both 1.65v if you care.

So in regards to "set it and forget it" configuration my considerations are 32-bit vs. 64-bit Win7 with respect to 4g of ram limitations. I'm in the dark about if 32 has crippling future proofing handling compared to 64 in terms of hardware or software security. I know most will say dumb question, 64 that way you can up the gigs of ram later. Crazy mo-fos understand where I'm getting at. I'll be running the os off a pci-ssd with a 12gbs ssd raid_0 cache. My point is I'll steal a future rig to build in the future if 32 truly becomes obsolete.

In summary, the question is for insane stable overclocking, 1or2 sticks GT, or 1,2,or 4 sticks XMS3 because you don't think the lack of bottlenecks won't compensate for ram quantity. Keep in mind, I'm a guy who naturally self-adjusts my os/software user habits resourcefully with strict and necessary background programs only.

To site admin, abacus is a valid answer to portable computer security question. ==8^!