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    [solved]Video card with birdshot patterned square artifacts at 2D desktop

    Using Blender 3D I was able to torture test the card in a way that didn't immediately crash the system. I've gotten several errors in functions cuMemAlloc and cuMemFree, which indicates that the rendering engine had trouble allocating and freeing a block of RAM.


    Night before last as I was prepping for an exam I noticed red speckles floating around in a remote desktop session. I chalked this up to remote desktop weirdness and ignored them. They seemed to go away.


    The problem showed up when I finally shut down my remote desktop window and noticed square blocks of red pixels artifacting on my monitor. They were larger than the picture shows and they moved as anything on the screen updated. I attempted to save my exam notes - the ones I sort of needed to carry in to an exam the next morning - and the system froze. No num lock. No caps lock. No ctrl+alt+delete. Also no backup of my frakking notes. Ouch.

    So here's what I had:
    1 PNY GTX 480 running monitor A
    1 MSI GTX 480 running monitor B.

    Monitor B on the MSI card demonstrated the artifacts.

    The system will boot into Windows and run fine for about 8 seconds if I log in immediately (Monitor A was displaying my login prompt at the time of the pictures). It'll be responsive. Then it'll FUBAR and reject all input. If I leave it at the login screen, the MSI card will FUBAR any monitor plugged into it.

    Swapping monitors A and B did not change the situation. However, with the MSI card still in the system and running and both monitors on the PNY card, everything's golden.

    But. Activating SLI (which I had disabled because I'd forgotten to turn it back on after some CUDA based ray tracing) will cause the screen to go black and not turn back on. I tried that, ran into safe mode, and did a clean installation of drivers before coming here.

    This card is a zombie card. It's cut out on me once, been removed from the system, then magically resurrected. I don't know how. So it's had problems in the past.

    At this point I'm 90% certain it's a hardware issue. This MSI card is a refurbished card. I know GTX 480s were notorious for their VRMs but I've not had any overheating problems. Additionally, all this card's been required to do for the past few months (I've been in hard-as-heck classes and too busy to game and notice my framerates are bad, tutoring is wanted in differential equations and data structures, by the way) is render half of my desktop. The slower half.

    Can anyone help me figure out what in specific is at fault, here? I think it might be fixable.
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