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    Oct 2011

    Looking to build a good gaming PC

    This PC is completely for gaming. I want to be able to run everything out with no problems, but not spend money for stuff that won't really improve performance much, like spending $50 more for a CPU that isn't going to make much difference. I haven't built a PC in awhile and just wanted some input. Also, if i can i want my PC to be blue the LEDs at least.

    Cooler Master HAF X Blue or Cooler Master HAF 932 (I have always liked Cooler Master but if something has just as good airflow let me know.)
    Intel i7-4820K(I want a Intel, but I don't know if the 6-core is worth right now.)
    Noctua NH-D14 SE2011
    Artic Silver 5
    eVGA X79 Dark or eVGA X79 Classified(I like eVGA, but if there are others that are better now let me know.)
    Corsair Dominator 16GB 1866Mhz (I really have no preference with memory they seem to be all the same I just always liked cosair.
    Just gonna get any Blu-Ray Drive with highest read speed.
    Was looking at the eVGA GTX 770 but not sure if i should get better. I want to be able to play games on high settings but everything doesn't have to be maxed really. I will however have 2-3 monitors i haven't decided yet but only 1 i will use to play games. And i do want a Nvidia and prefer eVGA.
    Sound Blaster ZxR are sound cards really even worth getting anymore?
    Intel 530 240 GB SSD From what i have heard Intel was the best for SSD not sure if it is still the same.
    Any 1TB +HD

    Please, let me know your thoughts. If you think anything is to much or not enough. I am going to start researching this more myself also i just wanted to get some input.
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