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    Dec 2012

    2or3x 290x or 780ti watercooled

    I have been building pc's since I was 12 (now 31) but I have never watercooled a system. I really want to go to the extreme and build a system all watercooled in a 350d case. I would love to tri crossfire or sli but dont know of a mobo that can do this so I would settle for 2way. Can anyone help with what parts I need? good video tutorials? any extra advice on system build would be appreciated. I am looking for the most extreme system money can buy in the smallest form factor...go!

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    Re: 2or3x 290x or 780ti watercooled

    I think tri-SLI or CF would really be pushing it in the 350D. A mATX case like that would severely limit the amount of radiator surface area you could fit internally to the point where tri GPU setups could be adequately cooled would be very difficult. Looking at the 350D you're probably limited to 480mm of radiator space in the form of 2x 240mm (2x120mm) radiators; one on the front and one up top. There is another 120mm spot above the motherboard but I'm guessing that it would be a very tight fit for another 120mm, if not impossible.. Check out this thread for someone attempting the exact same thing:

    Unfortunately they haven't added GPU's to their loop yet, but you can already see the kinds of compromises you have to make to fit everything in and the issues.

    So heres a VERY rough guess at what kind of parts you would need

    CPU Block (I recommend XSPC Raystorm)
    2x240mm radiators (I recommend alphacool UT60, XT45, or XSPC RX240)
    2x GPU Block (depends on your card, but heatkiller are supposed to be great, if you go EK don't get Nickel plating)
    SLI/CF Connector for the GPU blocks (Dependent on which GPU blocks you get. You don't need this but simplifies installation hugely)
    Pump (I recommend some D5 variant)
    Res (I recommend a res that will house your pump since space will be tight. XSPC D5 Bay res might be the best)
    Coolant (I recommend DI water, dyed coolants can gum up your blocks, fade and are overpriced)
    Silver kill coil or biocide

    A Note about fittings: Compressions look the best (IMO) but are expensive. You can do barbs w/ clamps for less. You will need 2 fittings for every stop on your loop (i.e. block/rad/res etc). If you get a SLI/CF connector for your GPU's you can eliminate 2 fittings. That is just the compression fittings. You may very well find that space is tight and running the tubing is difficult without tight bends that cause kinks. In that case you may want to add some rotary/angle fittings. These will help you point the tubing the way you want it to go. This makes routing a lot easier but they are expensive and add up quickly.

    I'd say you're looking at around $600-$700+ for the WC system alone if you're going to do this thing right. Mine cost me a bit less but I bought a bunch of used parts and got some nice deals. Brand new it would have easily been that much. Not trying to dissuade you, because I'm happy with my results (though I know there are some flaws in need of fixing), I'm just pointing out the realities.

    If you decide to go through with it, there are lots of resources out there. Martin's liquid lab does great reviews of different products for performance. Cruise the forums, OCN's WC section is very active. Watch video guides on youtube (sorry, I can't find the ones I watched). Draw diagrams for how you want to lay your loop out. Measure twice (or more!) cut once.

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    Dec 2012

    Re: 2or3x 290x or 780ti watercooled

    thank you so much, this helps a lot, you rock!

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