Man I remember when I found out that I could OC my pc and get better performance I was like a teenager with a '68 Chevy SS. Just couldn't wit to to soup up my system.

The main reason back then was to get my pc to play Battlefield 2 better as it was a power hungry game. And thanx to many of the fine gentlemen on this site we successfully oc'd my pc. I forget the specs but I think we took a 1.8 ghz up to 2.7ghz.

But this was not without some sacrifice. Such as the many BSOD, the several times of re installing XP.

So after I built my next system, I looked at my specs and said man there is really no need to OC, I could run BF2 at all high settings no problems not to mention that my internet provider upgraded my speed for free. So I gave up oc'ing( I did try to oc the new chip just a hair but it didn't like it at all)

So now comes the question , do we really need to OC anymore? The cpu's and GPU's are plenty fast right now I just don't see the need unless you are bored and have nothing else to do.

Or if you are playing some power hungry game and maybe oc'ing might help.

Is it really worth the risk of losing you data?

or do ya just like hot rodding your pc even though you might have the best cpu on the market?