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    Question Old school OCZ Platinum OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K suggested settings

    For my old computer to get some interesting overclock and also (mainly) more memory I got a 2G of these DDR (1) OCZ Platinum 2-3-2-5 sticks labeled as OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K.

    (image only illustrational from eBay, not mine, no idea why one of these sticks have v1 and other v2 anyway)

    So these should have the nice Samsung TCCD chips, so I was trying to power the machine on with 229MHz (250 FSB/183 divider that gives 229MHz on the rams) 2.5-3-3-7 settings and it - failed


    So I reset the bios and started going step-by-step. 200MHz divider (so, 1:1 to FSB) and I see the default settings are TCL - 2, TRCD - 3, TRP - 2, TRAS - 5, TRRD - 2, TRC - 11, TRFC - 24, TRWT - 3, Read Preamble 5.5ns and Async latency 7nS. Since I did not plan on getting FSB over 280, then these two last settings I leaved untouched.

    However I do relax the timings to TCL - 2.5, TRCD - 3, TRP - 3, TRAS - 7, TRRD - 3, TRC - 11, TRFC - 24, TRWT - 3 and tried at witch clock the memory fail to post/run Memtest with voltage at auto to the rams.
    220 was fine, 225 too, 230 no post. Backed down to 227MHz and that seems to work.
    Then I relaxed the timings even more to TCL - 2.5, TRCD - 4, TRP - 3, TRAS - 7, TRRD - 3, TRC - 14, TRFC - 24, TRWT - 4 and tried the 230MHz clock and again it failed...

    Previous lame Kingston 2x 512MB sticks can do 229MHz at these settings...

    So I set the divider 183 and started raising the FSB while I know, that the CPU can do about 2850MHz with 1.425Vcore (and x11 multi), so up to about 255-260MHz I'm fine.

    This went this way - I went back to these settings: TCL - 2.5, TRCD - 3, TRP - 3, TRAS - 7, TRRD - 3, TRC - 11, TRFC - 24, TRWT - 3 ... and started pushing - 235MHz FSB gives 198MHz, that was fine. 240 gives 203MHz on the rams and also it seems to be fine in DOS/Memtest. 245 gives 207MHz and it also looks fine... but 250 (as I run before) failed to post. So I set 248 with gives 209MHz on the rams and that worked well, but on WinXP boot it give BSOD. Damn. So backed down to 246 and that boot WinXP, but then it fail on BSOD
    WTF... I changed the voltage from auto (IIRC 2.5V it should be) to 2.70V and... reboot instead of BSOD. So voltage are no-no, therefore I tried voltage back at auto + 245MHz FSB and that somewhat works, but very unstable.

    So I had to back down the divider to 166, so I get 250 - 196.4MHz for the rams. Then 255MHz FSB gives out 200.4MHz on the rams, so I set back their tightest default settings, as at 200MHz, there is really no need to relax timings at all.
    That gives 2805MHz for the Opty 148 using Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe (Radeon Xpress 3200)...

    But I'm somewhat disapointed. I used to run OCZ P4001G rams (also 2x 1G) at 231MHz with 2.5-3-3-7 settings at 2.64V ...

    So, what I doing wrong? At 1:1 divider these rams managed to 227MHz, witch is under the 231 wanted, but at least they can be overclocked somewhat. Now when I push the divider, then even very slight overclock (209MHz) is impossible. WTF! Old OCZ P4001G rams run their tightest 2-3-2-7 settings up to 216MHz.

    Do I need to play a bit with the skew or relaxing the drive in order to get higher? I refuse to believe that I cannot get these rams clock faster. So I asking for suggestions. That was just my first quick attempt to get the machine working by quick & dirty way
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    Re: Old school OCZ Platinum OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K suggested settings

    I has this ram back in the day, ran it 2-2-2-5 i Think, Its been a long time...those modules with the chrome heatspreaders are heavy as hell if I remember correctly. I have to think about this......
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    Re: Old school OCZ Platinum OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K suggested settings

    Search Google for TCC5 vs TCCD.
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    Re: Old school OCZ Platinum OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K suggested settings

    As I recall those modules replaced the older BH-5 based ones. The platinum's had good timings but could not take much extra voltage so had a very limited overclock.
    Talking 'old skool' the my BH-5s (gold) did 250mHz with 2-2-2 timing at 3.0 volts (voltage reached with an add in card from OCZ)
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