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    Jan 2014

    High end memory choice

    On the current hardware LB the high end memory is 2sticks of 4gb ripjaw memory... I'm wanting to get 4 sticks of 8 gb memory... After looking around I'm finding much different times and voltages... What does pcper recommend for memory?
    crucial is recommending some 1.35 voltage memory for this board. Is that gonna work?

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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Re: High end memory choice

    If you are looking at an Intel system, virtually no gains are to be had going above ddr3 1600 memory; Unless you are going after benchmarking.

    With that said, find the cheapest 32 gig set of DDR3 1600 memory you can find.

    The 1.35v sets usually are "low profile" and can fit under most of the tower style heatsinks.

    Just keep in mind, Intel recommends that you don't go over 1.5 v for the memory

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