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Thread: Asus z78 Expert

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    Feb 2014

    Asus z78 Expert

    I upgraded my computer using the high end hardware from the Pcper leaderboard. i7-4770K, asus Z87 Expert and the G.Skill Ripjaw X series. I have a Corsair h100i water cooling system from my previous incarnation. I asked Corsair to send me the brackets for the intel cpu since I had an AMD build previously. The bracket they sent me (at no charge) is too wide for the holes drilled in the motherboard. I took the trouble of purchasing another h100i and had the same problem.

    Has anyone else have this problem? I'm using the fan that came with the cpu and it is definitely not good for overclocking. Any suggestions of an air cooling fan. The Noctua NH D14 pops up, but will it fit the holes in this particular motherboard?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Re: Asus z78 Expert

    socket 1150 is a standard.

    what are you having problems with exactly ?

    I don't get how the "bracket" would be too wide...Can you provide pictures of how you are installing it ?

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