these are just retired machines that all worked. they no longer have hard drives.

the 4 dc5800 machines are all identical. they have 3 gig of ddr2 memory and dual core 3.0 cpus and dvd burners

the dc7600 has P4 3.6 mghz cpu and 5 gig of ddr2 and dvd burner

I have them for sale local but dont want to ship the computers whole.

no idea what the parts are realistically worth. I know the machines as they are intact are nearly 2x as much as I have them listed on craigslist which is $40-50 each.

I have a 500 gig 7200rpm barracuda hd and a 640 gig WD black hard drive I may install to make to of them OS ready. I also have a monitor and 2 keyboards so I could almost have total system ready minus hard drive.

just looking to get some cash together to build me a home system or upgrade my Phenom II 910 system.