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    Mar 2014

    Cool AMD or INTEL .. decision recommendations

    Should I choose Intel or AMD, and why?

    Also, what's the recommended GPU?

    These are the most two parts of the gaming rig for me, the rest would be easier to choose.
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    Re: AMD or INTEL .. decision recommendations

    What kind of budget are you working with?
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    Re: AMD or INTEL .. decision recommendations

    Yes, what budget and usage.

    Identifying the CPU is nice, but the motherboard too if you want to use the full potential of CPU/APU.
    sttubs has some nice PC specs.

    I prefer INTEL. These are my picks >
    • Gaming CPU 2014 Pick: LGA1150 Haswell i5 4570K if Hyper-threading needed; i7 4770K

    • Gaming CPU/APU 2013 Pick: INTEL i5 Ivy 3570k or Haswell 4670k or AMD 8350

    Read this info from Puget Systems about which Haswell is right for you:

    Read this info from Puget Systems about which INTEL motherboard is right for you:

    For GPU, I prefer the Nvidia 760 GTX 2GB (at least 600W PSU), but in the future, get the Nvidia 780 GTX 4GB (then try it with SLI) for newer games such as Watch Dogs.
    Make sure your case can handle the length of the GPU, that your PSU can provide the power to it as well (check the pins too)

    ** I'm a INTEL + nVidia guy. Not too familiar with AMD + ATI/AMD
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