Hey guys,

I have a jitsi server running on one of my Digital Ocean droplets. feel free to try it out!! The server is currently only compatible with Google Chrome, Chromium, and Opera. Until I get an SSL that is not self-signed, it will show up as untrusted and you will have to click the advanced link to continue. I have a temp domain purely to bypass the need of filling in an IP.

Jitsi is an excellent, encrypted, VOIP and Video Conferencing service that is an excellent alternative to Google Hangouts and Skype. I am running this server as a testing ground for the PCPer guys as they keep having call quality issues during the Podcast when Ryan is away.

when you get to the site, just type in the name of the room you wish to create and you are good to go. To invite people, click the invite button or give them the web address with the room name at the end. I will put an example below.

The site address is: https://pcperspective.tk/

An example of a room you could join is: https://pcperspective.tk/pcpertest