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    Jun 2001
    Southern Tier of NY

    Thumbs up Saturday May 3 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #6

    Post Event Summary
    Virtual LAN party #6 has concluded
    It was a huge success with our largest attendance EVER and lots of fun was had.

    I cannot THANK our sponsors enough for the amazing swag we were able to give away.
    Their support was above and beyond our expectations and greatly appreciated!

    AMD - WOW!!!
    1. FX-8350 processors - 25 in total!
    2. Warsam71's personal 7990 dual GPU video card
    3. Never Settle Forever SILVER game codes - 10 in total

    Epic Games - Really nice Unreal themed swag!
    1. Games, strategy guides and posters signed by Tim Sweeney
    2. key chain, sticker and bracelet sets

    Ryan Shrout
    1. Upgraded our TeamSpeak server from 32 to a much needed 64 slots

    Event Supporters - Thanks for all your help!
    1. iamApropos - for streaming and promoting our event
    2. Spazster (aka tORNTV) - for creating event graphics, our sweet intro video and promoting our event
    3. iwalkwiththedead - for creating event graphics and promoting our event
    4. Brandito - for hosting our Teamspeak server
    5. mmettin - for hosting our UT2004 server
    6. Activate:AMD - for managing our Battlefield 4 server

    Event Planning
    It's time for the PCPer virtual LAN party #6

    It's going to be the same basic format as our Feb 22 Virtual LAN party.

    Btw, you can view a list of past Fragging Frog events and other gaming info in our Gaming Sticky Mega Thread. Be sure to check it out.

    This is a summary of the format. Of course we are open to suggestions for change.

    1. The date is already set: May 3 from 10 AM to 2 AM (eastern time) or whenever the last gamer nods off

    2. We normally choose a few games that there is a common interest in playing starting with our favorites like Battlefield 4 then adding additional games. Fragging Frog classics like UT2004, Left 4 Dead 2 & Alien Swarm are always solid alternatives if we need a change. This time I'd like to get some non-shooter games going, perhaps an RPG like Torchlight II. A few people have expressed interested in that.
    Post your game suggestions to this thread.

    3. I'll keep this first post updated with all important information so COME BACK OFTEN for the latest.

    PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO set start/end times for particular games. All that will be decided in real time over TEAMSPEAK. So you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to join TeamSpeak for this event even if you have never joined in the past. Although we attempt to update this thread with the current game being played it doesn't always happen so if you are not on TeamSpeak you may get lost and lose track of what's going on. The TeamSpeak server info is listed further down in this post.

    Please post to this thread if you plan to attend this event. I will maintain a list of players below who plan to attend the event.

    Event Info (PCPer front page article)

    Start time: Saturday May 3 10:00 AM ET
    End time: Sunday May 4 3:30 AM ET

    Teamspeak (ALL players should join)

    Brandito's TeamSpeak 3 Server - click here for connection info

    Game Servers

    Battlefield 4 - Fragging Frogs BF4 Server
    UT2004 - Server Offline
    Other games - we will host our own servers when possible.

    How to Join us in-game
    Some games like Battlefield 4 depend on following players into a server.
    Here are links to threads of Origin/Battlelog and Steam user names for many of our members.
    If you send friend requests to the top few you should be set.
    Feel free to send those friends requests in advance of the VLAN event.

    Quick Start: Send a friends request to me, FFLenny on Origin/Battlelog and lennya42 on Steam.


    This event will be streamed LIVE by both Ryan Shrout right here at (starting in the afternoon EDT) AND iamApropos (ALL DAY - and also streams with us every Friday night).

    1. Lenny (aka FFLenny)
    2. Zetachi
    3. mmettin
    4. Activate: AMD (aka THE O-Dog)
    5. Ryan (aka Ryan Shrout)
    6. tlemaste (aka Kernal_Tom)
    7. Brandito (aka SUB)
    8. Frogmeat69
    9. Modru2004
    10. IAmGhostDog
    11. Warsam71
    12. Maxius
    13. iamApropos
    14. tommyp1ckles
    15. Neutari
    16. V3Stream
    17. Spazster
    18. Skidgette
    19. dr4d1s
    20. iFlak (aka Stacey)
    21. TheRealBigOwl - late arrival
    22. Buu (aka AwesomeFresh)
    23. AMD5150
    24. KelleyTech
    25. iwalkwiththedead
    26. Coda
    27. Luthair
    28. Fishbait - expected late arrival
    29. Bubba376
    30. Cannonaire
    31. rick0502
    32. BurialGrounds (aka Steve)
    33. GentlemanGames
    34. Bronvito
    35. JxcelDolghmQ
    36. Tonyati
    37. robbonn666
    38. ScifiMan
    39. Phopojijo
    40. brhimes3270
    41. KRDucky
    42. siriq
    43. WhiteGuala
    44. fignewton
    45. bugbite250
    46. RatzKlaw
    47. drkCrix
    48. wujj123456
    49. StriderTR
    50. AbundantCores
    51. CerbeRuss
    52. eyeoncomputers
    53. leroy329
    54. tancolbert
    55. OldHardLuck
    56. Nejiboy
    57. Monstrosthunus
    58. ayandon
    59. nlasky
    60. Dreamy
    61. Maxius
    62. ZEROarmy
    63. bob15357
    64. GamerWithReason
    65. lykandark
    66. DashTrash
    67. DreadShot
    68. sunderian
    69. Alien316
    70. Ellerbestyle
    71. lone0001
    72. Logun
    73. GenomeZeta

    Games PLAYED
    1. (see next post for games we initially considered)
    2. Battlefield 4
    3. Unreal Tournament 2004 (Fragball Stadium download)
    4. TitanFall (for those that own it)
    5. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
    6. Killing Floor
    7. Counter-Strike: Source
    8. Left 4 Dead 2
    9. World of Warplanes
    10. Cry of Fear

    *There WILL BE prizes given away at this event but those prizes will not be announced in advance. They will be announced during the event. To be eligible you must be a registered member at the PCPer forums (register here), have stated in this thread your intent to attend the event and (most important) participate in this event by playing games with us and having fun! You will also need to meet the requirements of the individual sponsors below. If you don't qualify your prize will go to the next eligible winner.

    AMD - Prizes/winners

    Never Settle Forever SILVER codes winners
    1. robbonn666
    2. nlasky (aka ProfessorLasky)
    3. Luthair
    4. DreadShot
    5. DashTrash
    6. JxcelDolghmQ
    7. Neutari
    8. fignewton
    9. ZEROarmy (Xorp)
    10. nlasky (ProfessorLasky)

    AMD FX-8350 Processor winners
    1. nlasky (aka ProfessorLasky)
    2. siriq (knifed O-Dog in BF4 knife challenge #1)
    3. Modru2004 (knifed tommyp1ckles in BF4 knife challenge #1)
    4. O-Dog (knifed tommyp1ckles in BF4 knife challenge #2)
    5. bugbite250 (knifed O-Dog in BF4 knife challenge #2)
    6. TheRealBigOwl (re-gifted from AwesomeFresh/Lenny)
    7. Dreamy
    8. LyKanDark
    9. molestedbyasus
    10. Brandito
    11. Frogmeat
    12. Logun
    13. tommyp1ckles
    14. Alien316
    15. GhostDog
    16. iwalkwiththedead
    17. Monstroous
    18. tomtako
    19. Neutari
    20. sunderian
    21. AbundantCores
    22. eyeoncomputers (re-offered by mmettin)
    23. Spazster
    24. Lone0001
    25. KelleyTech (re-offered by iamApropos and then again by Kernal_Tom)

    NOTE: AMD prize winners must meet the following requirements to receive prizes which require shipping:
    1. Winners must send a PM (Private Message) at the forums to Warsam71 (Our AMD representative) with the following information:
      First & Last Name
      Full shipping address
      Phone Number
      Email Address
    2. Prize will be shipped by AMD and can only be shipped to North America, Europe and South America territories
    3. It may take 3 to 4 weeks to ship the prize

    Epic Games - Prizes/winners

    Grand Prize: Mouse, signed game, signed poster, signed book, a keychain, stickers and bracelet
    Winner: KRDucky

    1st Prize: Mouse, signed game, signed poster, a keychain, stickers and bracelet
    Winner: Brandito

    2nd Prize: signed game, signed poster, a keychain, stickers and bracelet
    Winner: AwesomeFresh

    Other Prizes: 7 sets containing a keychain, stickers and a bracelet
    1. bob15357
    2. tommyp1ckles
    3. iwalkwithedead
    4. V3Stream
    5. Cannonaire
    6. JxcelDolghmQ
    7. DreadShot

    NOTE: Epic Games prize winners must meet the following requirements to receive prizes which require shipping:
    1. Winners must send a PM (Private Message) at the forums to iFlak (Our Epic Games representative) with:
      First & Last Name
      Full shipping address
      Phone Number (only required for winners of the TOP 3 PRIZES)
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