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    Jan 2011
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    CPU cooler advice needed

    Been looking to buy CPU cooler for Phenom x4 9850, but each time I research one in depth, it always turns out to be a gargantuan model that is known to either block one or more RAM slots, expansion slots, etc., or will not fit even a full-tower case. I have gone through over ten coolers now with same results. Can anyone recommend model that will allow me to fill all my slots, & actually fit a full size tower? If possible, I'd like it to be fairly quiet, but size is more important. Please no liquid cooling stuff. Also, I need it to be currently on the market and available to buy here in USA. Any ideas?

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    Aug 2013

    Re: CPU cooler advice needed

    most coolers will fit in a full tower case, though if you say it blocks ram or expansion slots sounds like you have a real small board as these days only time have issue of blocking is a ram slow not really blocking pci/pci-e slot. What is model of your mother board? if you don't know, download program called cpu-z and it will tell you motherboard name and model under the "mainboard" tab

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    Re: CPU cooler advice needed

    Yea, make and model of your motherboard and RAM will be helpful. I've used the Coolermaster Hyper 212 on several builds and as far as towers go its fairly small with good performance and value. Many of the towers can also be rotated 90deg to clear tall ram in close slots if necessary

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    Re: CPU cooler advice needed

    If you have especially tall heatsinks on your memory nothing will fit in the larger heatsinks. Check out pcper cooler tests, they always have a photo showing memory clearance. Check Thermalright, they always have amongst the best heatsinks.
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