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    Questions about todays SSD's?

    Been a very long time since I posted here. The system I am running is in my sig. I have a pair of Intel X-25M 80 gb SSD Raid 0. So my question is with the new SSD's is it worth running a pair in raid 0 now a days? I am in the process of building a new system

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    SSD waiting for info.
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    Re: Questions about todays SSD's?

    Well from a quick search I can tell you that the X-25M G2 had their IOPS at around 14k at a Queue depth of 32. The newer TLC 840 Samsung's with 250GB have nearly 30k at the same Queue depth.

    Not to mention you'll be nearly saturating all of the SATA III (I think the Samsung peaks at 500MB/s and the spec has a theoretical max of 600MB/s)

    TLDR: You are fine with one

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    Re: Questions about todays SSD's?

    Agreed, RAID 0 has always been a risk, and while you can get more performance out of them in RAID 0, the newest SSD's alone are probably as fast or faster as your current RAID 0 array with more capacity and none of the risk. That said, while you're saturating SATA 3, RAID 0 would allow you to take advantage of 2 links so you could get speeds above SATA 3 max for an array.

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    Re: Questions about todays SSD's?

    As for SSD's right now the only way to get above the SATA 3 max limit is to either put two SSD's in Raid 0, or get a PCI Express SSD card from what I've seen.

    I'm looking at getting one Samsung 120GB SSD for a new boot drive, and one or two more 250GB Samsung drives for games and other applications, this fall.

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    Re: Questions about todays SSD's?

    The Samsung 840 pro (single) I have now is much faster than the 2 older SSD'S I had in Raid 0, much faster.....
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