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Thread: 4 or 8 cores

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    May 2014

    4 or 8 cores

    What will run games and other programs better, a 2.8 ghz 8 core processor or, a 3.2 ghz 4 core processor?

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    Re: 4 or 8 cores

    The answer to that question is not simple. Not all programs and cores are created equal. A quad-core phone processor at 2 ghz isn't the same as a quad core PC processor at 2ghz, even though both are quad cores at 2 ghz. On the flip side, some programs work much faster with more cores, some can't take advantage of the extra cores but will run faster on a higher clocked core.

    Is there a real world example you have in mind? Games generally don't benefit hugely from the move from 4 to 8 cores (assuming equal cores), but it depends a bit on the game. Games in general tend to be limited by the graphics card in the system more than the processor

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    Re: 4 or 8 cores

    It depends if the game or program can utilize the multiple cores. If they can use the multiple cores the 8 core processor should get things done faster.
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    Re: 4 or 8 cores

    Due to the faster core speed the 4 core processor is usually faster (if the cores are otherwise equal). In games probably more noticeably so, since only a handful of games can really somewhat utilize more than 4 cores. Still there are likely at least some cases in heavily threaded apps where the 8 cores actually makes a difference and puts the 8 core processor ahead.

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