I have a socket 939 system I am attempting to prepare for a very minor server operation for a business with a large database.

I'm running the 4200+ x2, 3gb ddr400 atm, and gtx 460... among potential dual 128gb ssd's in RAID0, and another 2 500gb drives in RAID1 for database backup.

Anyway back to the subject last time I tried I didn't quite have all 4 1gb sticks being all exactly the same. I had 2 same model 333 1gb sticks, and 2 other sticks of different models. Anyway even the BIOS didn't see all 4GB with the Memory Hole enabled or disabled. The memory hole didn't seem to work at all?!?

Just trying to first get the BIOS to detect all 4gb because it only detects like 3.44gb during the post memory test.

In windows it detects over 700MB of system reserved space out of that 3.44gb so it's sitting at like around the 3gb mark.

With 2 1gb sticks and 2 512s i get 3072MB...

If anyone can help lol that would be great.

I read through a number of memory address table for the cpu, since devices obtain memory address space and what not and the whole 4GB deal is a nightmare. Even on the X2 4200+ has the 36bit memory address extension which should allow the 4GB, since 32bit memory address cpu's like Pentium 4's can't ever pull 4gb because of the limitation.

The athlon 64 should be able to do it but maybe it's more motherboard than anything? MSI MS-7093.