A friend of mine has come across a problem with his cable splitter signal booster/amplifier. He had some remodeling done and moved stuff in the basement. Coax is coming in to a hub/splitter. One splitter is non-powered and the other is powered. The non-powered goes to two rooms. The powered one goes to the modem, and 4 others. The issue is that after the setup change three-four mbs download. Before he was getting twenty-five. The amp that the provider gave doesnt have a "what he told me was a return." He thinks that is the reason for the internet slowdown. The one he is looking into has a active return and he hopes it will rectify his problem. This is it, please give me input on what you think. (PCT 8 Port Bi-Directional Cable TV Splitter Signal Booster/Amplifier with Active Return Zero Signal Loss and VoIP Telephone Bypass). Thank you all.