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    Jul 2014

    Question Recommendations for new system

    Hello, I've been a Mac used the last few years primarily because of my use of Apple's 'Aperture' software for my photo editing. Apple has recently declared that their product won't be developed further. Looking around I am not too keen to switch to Adobe's subscription path for Photoshop etc, but found a number of good software options for the PC. Although, I have a couple of PC's that had been gathering dust, they are a bit old and I'm considering building a new one.

    I also do some video editing, so I am looking for a rig that is speedy and reliable. So this leads me to ask for recommendations on a good platform to start with - Intel or AMD? What is the best CPU? Although bang for buck is a secondary concern, it would still be a factor if there were substantial saving for a minimum loss of performance. I've looked online at various retail outlets and the choices are huge, hence my looking for advice on this.

    Thank you.

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    Jun 2012

    Re: Recommendations for new system

    What is the best CPU?

    Boy, that is a loaded question that can be answered any multiple of ways depending on the circumstances. But, given your circumstances, I would lean towards Intel - there is little doubt that when it comes to high-end performance (something that would be applicable to you) that Intel has a clear and distinct advantage. Depending on your budget (which I didn't see), I would suggest you look at the new i7 4790k as the starting point. If you can go higher, then you may want to look at the LGA 2011 CPUs - they are more expensive but are geared toward professional work like what you're doing.

    If you need to go leaner, then I would consider the i5 4670k...but if you look at that CPU, NOW you could consider an AMD alternative like the FX 8350. It's about $50 less than the 4670k ($234 vs. $180) but trades blows in benchmarks comparisons.

    Another good starting point would be the Performance build in THIS article; increase or decrease based on your budget.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Recommendations for new system

    I would agree with btdog, but say that if bang-for-buck is any kind of concern i would avoid the LGA 2011 CPU's unless you know for a fact you require more cores or memory bandwidth.... and for photo editing you really shouldn't. That platform charges a sizable premium for features only hardcore users really need. If you can afford it I would definitely stick with intel, starting at the 4670k with maybe an eye towards the 4790k, as they really do outperform AMD significantly on a core-for-core basis and AMD only slightly wins on *some* of the heavily multi-threaded applications. Performance in Adobe Photoshop and Cinebench 11.5 multi-threaded (a multi-core rendering benchmark that simulates 3D content creation) for example, is superior on the 4770K vs the FX8350

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