I have my network setup as a DSL Modem to a WRT-110 which does dhcp and wifi.

I like to use the WRT-54G with DD-WRT to host WIFI only.

I set it up that way as I thought.

I plugged the WRT-54G from port #1 to port #1 on the WRT-110 and people who connect wired to the WRT-110, see's it as it's connected to the WRT-54G.


WRT-54G = - SSID = OurWifi-G
WRT-110 = - SSID = OurWifi-N

When you plug your ethernet into the WRT-110 (SSID = OurWifi-N) ... The computer shows it's connected to OurWifi-G.

It even shows all traffic running through the gateway, then loops back to the

I disabled DHCP on the WRT-54G, and Set it as a DHCP-Forwarder, even set the DHCP forwarder address gateway to

The WRT-54G is causing hella issues on the network. Unplugged the WRT-54G, running the WRT-110 alone and it's up running and stable.