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    Hardline WC loop, need opinions

    Debated putting this in my rig upgrade thread, but figured a dedicated post might get a little more attention.

    I'm seriously debating swapping cases from my 800D to something with a bit more room for radiators, but isn't a $350 900D. I've more or less settled on the 750D as it can be had relatively inexpensively, looks nice and has plenty of space. All of the following designs are designed around the 750D, but if anyone has other suggestions for cases I'd be open to hearing them. I've considered the 540 Air as well, but would prefer a tower to more of the cube style.

    Anyway, so I figure if I'm going to be rebuilding and upgrading a WC loop in a new case, I might as well go all out and hard line this thing, build custom sleeved cables for my PSU, the whole thing. I've gone through the exercise of drawing up dozens of line drawings, which I won't bother sharing except as this sweet gif google auto-awesomed for me:

    I then decided to mock some stuff up in sketchup. This is where you guys come in. I've mocked up several different layouts and would like feedback on which you think are the best, or ways to improve any of them. Something to think about: loop order is basically irrelevant in terms of temps, so its not about which should perform best, but which one *looks* the best. I would also like to keep one of the hard drive cages in the 750D, but I haven't decided on that for sure. In addition, there are several different minor differences between versions 1 and 2 that are due to me learning how to use sketchup (ex, routing into the front rad). The exact hardware models for some items (GPU's, mobo) are different than my current setup, but it should be really close to what I'd actually be doing. Alternate views are from some perspective angle to give you a different feel

    Option 1 (inverted rad, direct path from GPU->CPU... ignore missing pipes between GPU's)

    Alternate view:
    Option 2 (Inverted rad, GPU->Rad->CPU)

    Alternate view:
    Option 3 (Non-inverted rad, CPU->Rad->CPU)

    Alternate view:
    Option 4 (bottom rad, very rough mockup)

    All suggestions welcome. Tweaks to the routing, complete changes, or even color schemes that might look cool (thinking of a white/gray scheme for the sleeving, maybe with a red highlight to bring the board's colors into it)
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