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    May 2014

    Red face FS: Used ASUS reference 780ti + Used Intel i7 4960X + Used 16GB DDR3 2800 (4x4gb)

    I am in the process of some hardware changes right now and would like to give the pcper community first dibs before I resort to ebay. I am a long term member here under the name shadow42489 but I forgot my password and the email on the account is still one from an old ISP which I can no longer access.

    Anyways, what I have currently is a used ASUS 780ti 3GB reference card in perfect working condition. ASUS may not honor the warranty on it if something happens in the future because the sticker over the heat sink screw is broken, however they honored the warranty of the last one and upgraded me to a 780ti Direct Copper II OC edition despite this issue so I don't really know. The card was liquid cooled and never over bolted or over clocked.

    Second item is a used Intel i7 4960x processor. It works like new and has never been over volted or over clocked other than a light overclock my motherboard automatically did when I first got it that I immediately disabled and never used again.

    Third item is a used 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 2800 kit from G.Skill. It also works flawlessly. It's part number is F3-2800C11Q-16GTXDG and it retails at $600 new.

    Tentative prices as follows, I am listing below what I would on ebay here.

    780ti: $475
    4960x: $550
    DDR3 2800: $250

    Once some new parts arrive in the coming months I will be listing the previously mentioned asus 780ti DCII OC and a second kit of the same memory.

    Please reply and also private message me if you are interested in any of what I have listed here.
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