So, I am working at this school district that is looking to make an upgrade and save money. They get this government grant called 1 to 1 or something. I recommend switching off from Microsoft and MS Office to Debian or Mint with Libreoffice. The estimated amount of money they spend every year for one school (K-12) on Software and Operating systems is somewhere in the ballpark of $500,000. If they did it right, they could save on average maybe $450,000 or more by jumping to Linux. Even with Linux support contracts from Novell for Suse or Redhat or Canonical support. They could even keep their current machines. (Client PCs)

They tell me that everyone would have to learn a new system and they would have to train everyone etc. They say it would be too big of a change and be difficult even if a company like the one I work for were to come in and set the whole thing up. That includes SIP servers and phone systems etc.

So what do they do? Buy a whole ton of Macs. just so in the newspaper they can say they bought a bunch of Macs for students.

They still have to train everyone on a new system and make sure software is compatible etc. Nothing different from setting up a Linux environment except for probably the cost. I'd say that probably 90% of the faculty has never used a Mac before. that is roughly the same as how many has used Linux before.

Got to love/hate School District Logic.

hand it to the Germans, Chinese and every country out there that has switched to Linux for most systems. There are a few US school districts that made the switch but you almost never hear about them.