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    Aug 2014
    East Coast

    PCE-AC68 Extension Cables

    So am looking for extension cables for my PCE-AC68 antenna(sadly force to use WiFi at my current place), from what I can tell all I should be looking for is a RP- SMA male to female cable? Has anyone done this to their card/ what kind of loss should I expect per foot/meter?

    I have had the card for about 6 months and its pretty good considering my conditions and location to the main AP, but Wanted to see if moving my antennas would yield a better consistent connection.


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    Dec 2003
    New Hampshire

    Re: PCE-AC68 Extension Cables

    I was looking at these to extend the antenna base that came with the PCE-AC68 that is in my wife's computer (upstairs about 25 ft away from router). Even with an RT-AC68U router and the PCE-AC68 adapter her's still doesn't get more than 2 bars on 5Ghz. Figure if I extend the antennas closer to hall from her room (den, woman-cave?) it'll reduce the walls it has to go thru by 1 and maybe get better signal and data through-put.

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