Hi all

I bought a SZ77R5 Small Form Factor Shuttle PC less than 2 years ago and about 3 weeks ago it stopped booting up (or showing any video at all) and I can’t hear a POST either. I have taken both of my Solid State Drive’s out and plugged them into my other desktop and they are still working fine and the data is safe but going back to the shuttle, I still got nothing on screen. Since then I have taken my ram out of slot 1 altogether and put the ram from slot 2 into slot 1 (8GB Corsair Vengeance.) Still I get nothing – no video or POST – just a blank screen. I have tried the video output to two different monitors through different ports (DVI and HDMI) but nothing works. Has the motherboard had it? Do you have a suggestion for getting a more reliable Small Form Factor PC? I need it to be fairly compact so that I can transport it on a handful of occasions throughout the year (possibly around 6 or 7 times but definitely less than 10.)

Any help with this would be much appreciated.