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    Jul 2009

    Is Beyond TV still a good PVR for a Windows PC?

    I have been doing some research for my PVR build. I have been doing Win7 Media Center but the PC is getting old and probably drawing more power than a modern build (possibly a 5350 Kabini). Is Beyond TV still the best third party software? I found a good chart at:

    I am dissatisfied with the Win7 Media Center with ShowAnalyzer to skip most of the commercials. I was hoping to find something that used a standard file format that was easier to transfer to a tablet without all the trans-coding pain. The only thing that concerns me is the fading away of development in PVR software. Not even $100 charge for Win8 Media Center has revived interest.

    What is your favorite?
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    Oct 2014

    Re: Is Beyond TV still a good PVR for a Windows PC?

    It looks to me like Windows Media Center is still your best bet. Even with the funky formats, it looks like the most feature-filled one. You could try something like XBMC, that's pretty good, but WMC is the king as far as I'm concerned with the guide and recording features. Pretty much the majority of good recording softwares save recordings in funky formats, if that's all that concerns you I'd keep on using WMC.
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    May 2014

    Re: Is Beyond TV still a good PVR for a Windows PC?

    XBMC is amazing and plays nearly anything. The key is setting up your library. I haven't played with the PVR plugins but I hear good things. for basics and for PVR plugins.

    Free so its worth a shot anyhow.

    Lately Plex has been taking over for me though. Using Plex Media Server and my Nexus 7's and a Chromecast. Still using XBMC on my theater room though.

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