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    Oct 2014

    Budgeting a new monitor

    So I'm new to the whole building a gaming computer, and absolutely having a ball.
    However, I'm starting small as I'm a poor year 12 student and Australia's component prices are more expensive and so I'm trying to build a cheap Gaming PC that can still run better then my HP Pavilion p6 Series.
    I'm looking at about $680 and in the future plan to budget in new monitor(s).

    What's a good quality monitor that's not too expensive.
    At the moment I have 2 different monitors, but I don't like the look of them and they are rather crappy (Come with cheap computers).

    Can you give me a run down on the benefit of having better monitors as I'm not quite familiar with the benefits of monitors for gaming.

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    Oct 2014

    Re: Budgeting a new monitor

    A better monitor will look better when you play games (if you have a powerful PC, why not use it's potential?) and will have less latency between the signal from the computer to you seeing it displayed on the monitor. If you play a lot of first-person shooters or other games that require a fast response time, you'll want a lower latency monitor (lower milliseconds, or ms).

    As far as quality goes, a better monitor will have nicer colors, a good pixel density, and overall look a lot nicer than any cheapy one you might buy. Like I said, if you're gonna go for a decent gaming PC, you might as well have a monitor to see the quality your computer's pushing out!

    Hope this helps,
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