Hello Everyone,

One the most anticipated games of all time is here! Civilization: Beyond Earth is out. I wanted to share the link to the blog we’ve just released to help you get a clearer insight into the features we’ve implemented in the game. You’ll find lots of important information about the technology behind the benchmarks results, the benefits that our Mantle API delivers, and the reason why developers like Firaxis have asked for a new, low level API to help them deliver the best gaming experience possible.

From split frame rendering (SFR) and alternate frame rendering (AFR) to multi-threaded command buffer submission and how SFR works in the game, you’ll learn about our collaboration with Firaxis and the massive efforts we’ve put in the game.

More importantly, you will need our Catalyst 14.9.2 Beta driver to run the game. Click here to download the driver.

Quote: “If you play [Civilization: Beyond Earth] for 40 hours, you’ve built an enormous empire. There’s a huge amount going on, besides just these tactical battles. We do allow you to zoom out quite far. […] When you back up, you see your whole empire at once. That’s demanding. That’s when the performance, typically, in PC strategy games begins to go down. This is exactly the situation wherein we’re incredibly excited about Mantle.” - John Kloetzli, Principal Graphics Programmer, Firaxis Games – (John wrote the game engine as well as the Mantle and DirectX implementation).

SFR is the most unique feature about this title and it’s the most complex. As such Firaxis has just released a blog describing how SFR works and why they chose it. Remember this can only be done in Mantle.
I hope you’ll find the information helpful.

PS. Please note I’m doing my very best to share this information with as many communities as possible, your patience is greatly appreciate.