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    Question new router ? wired/wireless combo

    Well, it finally happened, my old Linksys BEFSX41 wired router died. It was a couple years more loyal than the previous exact version, but I guess it's time to give my laptop wireless access in my house. I would like at least 3 wired connections on the new router with also wireless capabilities. Not sure if it matters much, but two of the wired computers are still WinXP and the third is this laptop (Win 8.1) when it is wired instead of wireless. I sometimes have visiters with an ipad also that need wireless. Any ideas on new router? Thank you.

    EDIT: ok, so thinking about this one just to change over to wireless, but might not be fast enough for newer applications; apparently, all the newer Linksys ones are crap. Any other router brands I should consider? What's this wireless adapter for that doesn't come included with a lot of routers?

    And I just found this NetGear one:

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    Re: new router ? wired/wireless combo

    I've been using Asus routers for a few years now with excellent results. For wireless N the RT-N66U is great (used one for a couple years).
    next step up is wireless AC ( I currently have 2 RT-AC68U routers 1 setup as an access point to provide better coverage for the upstairs at our house). There is an article over on showing how using an AC router improves the data throughput of wireless N clients connected to it.

    I would say all wireless routers come with 4 network ports so you can connect wired clients. The network adapter is what you put on or in your computer to give it wireless capabilities. There are ones that plug into USB ports, PCI and PCIexpress cards that go into desktop computers.

    Our home network consists of 6 Win8.1 computers (2 wired, 4 wireless), an iPad2, 2 Android phones, Kindle Paperwhite, 2 Synology Diskstations (network storage), Epson wifi printer and a networked HP LaserJet. No issues with any of them connecting.

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    Jan 2015

    Re: new router ? wired/wireless combo

    I had a Netgear wireless router for years and I found that it wasn't actually very reliable. It required a reboot once every couple of months. I would find that I couldn't connect to it over wireless, and I'd have to reboot.

    Since then I've replaced it with a Buffalo router that came with DD-WRT firmware pre-installed. This thing has been solid and I would say I have rebooted the thing twice in the last 2 years. It was basically the same issue, I would find that my phone or laptop just wouldn't connect for some reason, even if I rebooted the phone or laptop, and I'd have to reboot the router.

    So, go with Buffalo routers with DD-WRT firmware.

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    Jan 2015

    Re: new router ? wired/wireless combo

    Asus Makes some solid in home wired/wireless combo routers. What type of wireless standards are you looking for? At this point I wouldn't get anything that doesn't have at least wireless n capabilities.

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