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    Jan 2015
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    Supporting FreeSync on the Cheap

    I'm hoping some AMD reps could help me out here...

    FreeSync is supported by many of the APUs, the R7 265, R9 285 and R9 290/290x.

    I'm assuming that there are many people with and APU and a discreet GPU. Is it possible to use FreeSync with an APU, but use a discreet graphics card that doesn't support FreeSync?

    My current build has a Athlon X4 860k CPU on FM2+ and a R9 280. I plan on purchasing a FreeSync monitor, but I don't really want to buy a new GPU if I can avoid it. Could I purchase a 7850k and get the FreeSync benefits?

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    Feb 2004
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    Re: Supporting FreeSync on the Cheap

    I would imagine that wouldn't work because you will be using the discreet graphics rather than the APU's graphics chip.

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    Jan 2014

    Re: Supporting FreeSync on the Cheap

    my geuss from reading their sight is yes?
    but if your running the discrete, you probably will not get the freesync benefits.
    soooooo....there is going to be a decision to make, run the APUs GPU and get the dynamic bit for a piece of hardware that most likely can't really push a lot of frames, or run the discrete with v-sync and get better quality and FPS.

    also, kind of an odd possibility, iirc you can run a 260/260x with that chip in a semi crossfire. maybe it is possible to get freesync compatability in that setup?

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