Hey guys,

Most of you may not know about the OpenSource Benchmarking suite called Phoronix Test Suite. It is a completely OpenSource benchmarking tool that posts the results to openbenchmarking.org.
It would be nice if some of the hardware reviews included test results from test suites run with PTS. The analytical graphs and tests done on hardware/Operating systems, games, and filesystems is truly amazing. I just think that running some of those tests would provide additional material that is just about as open and transparent code as you can get. As you are most likely aware, some of the popular benchmarking tools have been accused of favoring one brand over another with the code. PTS has all its code on display so people can see for themselves if there is any favoritism going on. I know some of these tests take a while. I ran the Processor test suite......it took over 12 hours to complete. It was THAT thorough. It had graphs out the wazoo. So much data was collected and analyzed from that test. As you may have noticed, I have been taking some of the results posted on Openbenchmarking.org and posting them here for people to see. Some of the hardware I would like to see does not appear to have been tested and posted yet. As a hardware review site, PCPer seems to be in the perfect spot to do these kinds of tests. Just a thought.