Not everyday we get to give away our newest flagship product with our best graphics card, especially just a week after launch. This is a pretty freakin' awesome deal in my personal opinion:

GALAX GTX 980 HOF V2 + FREE Gamer 240GB SSD Bundle Preorder

Bundle price: $669.99 (Free SSD, $99.99 value)

GALAX GeForce GTX 980 HOF V2 features:

-Factory overclocked to 1367 MHz
-Completely redesigned PCB layout from the ground up, optimized for GM204
-10 layer manufacturing process in HOF signature pure white color
-Extended PCB width for optimized layout and cleaner signal
-New completely redesigned “Triple Force” cooler
-2x 80mm fan + 1x 90mm fan
-4x 8mm heat pipes + 3x 6mm heat pipes (total 7 nickel-plated heat pipes)
-Copper base
-Integrated MOSFET heatsink
-Customizable top HOF LED (control blinking frequency, brightness with GFE)
-Polycarbonate cover with premium die-cast aluminum accents
-Anodized aluminum backplate protects components and reinforces PCB

Regular price $669.99

GALAX GAMER SSD 240GB features:

-Advanced Heracles SATA III controller developed in collaboration with JMicron Technology
-SLC Cache Auto-Release maintains full write speed over long file transfers and extended use, eliminating performance drops prevalent in other SSDs
-Large files transfer up to 400% faster vs. traditional HDDs
-Lightning fast random read speed allows near-instant system startup and vastly reduced game load times
-Pure silent operation with zero decibel noise output
-MTBF rating of 2 million hours with 1500G shock resistance—over 3X the life expectancy and 9X the durability vs. traditional hard drives
-Safe from the effects of magnetism
-Award winning energy efficiency with among the lowest power consumption of any SSD in its class
-Enterprise standard high temperature burn-in process
-Supports TRIM, SMART and garbage collection

Regular price $99.99

Preorder deal will be available until April 15th; items will ship on April 16th.