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    Apr 2015

    PCPer Ratings - What Do They Mean? Ed Choice vs Gold vs Silver

    PCPer assigns Editor's Choice, Gold, and Silver ratings to different products. What do these mean?

    For example, how should I regard them when looking for a new case? The leaderboard has no cases (understandably). So I cannot go by that.

    Example: Fractal Design Define R5 has an "editor's choice." What did he choose it for? Is it Editor's choice for mid-range cases or for all cases?

    FT05 is rated "Gold." Is that better or worse than Editor's choice?

    BTW -- I *really* like PCPer. You are a critical source of information when building or modifying a PC.
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    Apr 2012
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    Re: PCPer Ratings - What Do They Mean? Ed Choice vs Gold vs Silver

    It's a kinda arbitrary baseless opinion as the reviewer is writing. If it gets an "editor's choice" it means it's great he loves it and would buy one right now. Gold means it's perfect but nothing exciting, silver means it's great, bronze means it does exactly what it should do at exactly the right price, but it's not like they have a check board. It's purely the opinion of the reviewer, at the time of the review, after testing (or some might say reviewing) the part.

    Editors choice > Gold
    Blown away > Perfect

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