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    Apr 2015

    Best Way To Get 5.1 Sound

    What would be the best way to get 5.1 sound out of external speakers for games the way the developer intended. Buy that I mean without any extra stuff in software artificially making footsteps louder and the like a pure experience.

    Would that be onboard realtek alc 1150 any knowledge appreciated.

    I plan on getting a EVGA mATX X99 board.
    Speakers I currently have are the Audioengine A5 with the S8 subwoofer will get another pair of A5 for the rear.


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    Re: Best Way To Get 5.1 Sound

    The best way would be to get a dedicated sound card.
    But I'm biased that way.
    That said.
    That board with realtek supports 5.1
    Just make sure you plug speakers in correctly.
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    Mar 2003
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    Re: Best Way To Get 5.1 Sound

    Onboard sound will do it... the only way you're going to get those effects you're talking about is to enable them in software. That said, onboard isn't going to be the highest quality option, but for 5.1 your only real alternatives would be a dedicated internal sound card, or a 5.1 channel receiver and output the audio (but not video) over HDMI to the receiver. The receiver is definitely a pretty unwieldy solution, so a standard sound card would be a lot cleaner.

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