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    May 2015

    Lightbulb Lowed X99 Vs Highend Z97

    Hey Guys!!! I have been thinking a lot about upgrading and yes its time........ To leave AMD Right now I am running a FX 8320, Asus M5A99FX PRO AM3+ MoBO, Mushkin Blackline 32 Gigs of RAM, Corsair H100i Cooler, Asus R9-280, Crucial MX 100 256 Gig SSD , Several Different Western Digital Hard Drives, XFX Proseries 1050 power supply.

    I will be reusing everything on this build except the Motherboard and Processor and If I choose to go the X99 Route giving up my glorious 32 gigs of DDR3.

    So here we stand. I do a ton of photo and video editing. Enjoying gaming every now and then but not hard core, more like strategy games and farming simulator haha ( I know right farming on a computer how is this so much fun!!) Don't judge

    Right now I can purchase a 5820K, MSI x99 SLI Plus MoBo and 16 gigs of Crucial DDR4 Ram for 700 bucks at my Microcenter. Which seems like a heck of a deal to future proof for at least the next 5 years. I know I am giving up a lot of Ram power but like I said Future proofing. Budget X99 Build?

    On the Other end

    I can go Highend Z97 and purchase an i7 4790K with a Highend MSI Z97 XPower AC EATX Board for 680 bucks. So 20 dollars cheaper than the lowend X99. I feel this MoBo will get me through the next five years with all of its capabilities. Overkill z97 Build?

    So on what I am gathering is that if I go the X99 I could possibly be future Proofing for a long time coming with the possibilities of filling up those Ram slots to 128 GIGs!! can someone say RAM DISK!! On the other hand I already have 32 Gigs of ram which is the MAX for the z97 Board to help out with encoding and what not. Not much room for overhead. I also like thinking about having 6 hyper threaded intel cores for the work load with x99!!

    What are your guys thoughts?

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    Jun 2013

    Re: Lowed X99 Vs Highend Z97

    Do you need a high end mobo? The 4790 has better single core performance, not so important for video and photo editing.

    Personally I would go the z97 route. Keep the current ram and get a NVME PCI hard drive, if using lightroom use it for your previews and check out the speed increase. I was considering upgrading from 4770 to an x99 build but instead spent the money on 2 x 1tb Samsung 850 Pros. Fast storage is more important noticeable then the difference between a 5820k and a 4790k

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    May 2015

    Re: Lowed X99 Vs Highend Z97

    Yeah I really do enjoy knowing i have the 32 gigs of ram. Its funny you bring up the SSD, my mother won an intel 750 without even knowing she had signed up for something hahah and she gave it to me SCORE!!! so I have that now would love another though cause you are absolutely correct Setting up lightroom with it was NUTSO!!! So fast!! So I think i am really leaning towards x99 now especially to boot to this killer ssd!! Can't do that right now unfortunately. I think this x99 route will really last me for at least 5 to 6 years!!

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    Apr 2016

    Re: Lowed X99 Vs Highend Z97

    With Z97 you're locked out of potential RAM upgrade if and when needed for all your photo/video needs.
    I'd go with X99, unless you think 32GB RAM is more than enough 5 years in. Not in a position to weigh in here.
    X99 + newer CPU = better power management, lower TDP, thus cooler and quieter fans, 2133 MHz non-OC RAM speed.
    Off the top of my head, though.
    Good luck.

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