I have a system with a Biostar G31M+ motherboard and an Intel Pentium D945 3433MHz (17x202) processor with Intel Bearlak G31 Chipset. The system is overheating and I'm trying to figure what I should do next. The CPU fan is spinning. It originally didn't have any thermal paste between the heat sink and the cpu so I added that but it is still overheating. When I use Speedfan the temps read at 77 degree and 78 degrees celsius when the CPU's are at a load of 50 to 60%. If I try to do a system stability test with AIDA64 it will overheat and shutdown in like three minutes. Any suggestion on anything else I should try before I go get another CPU or system? It currently has a factory CPU fan and heatsink and I mean I don't really do anything on this system but word process and surf the internet and it can't even handle that if I get too many things working for a long period of time. When I though it might have been a memory issue it didn't crash once when I ran memtest 86+ for 8 passes. The CPU fan was running at 3050 rpms during the stress test but it still crashed. Anybody have any ideas as to what else I could try or is it just a bad CPU or what do you think? All help is appreciated. Thanks.