In the past, DELL, was the one offering a wider range of gaming notebooks. Yet, more and more brands have emerged.
MSI has stood out among these brands in recent two years and has launched notebooks in various sizes for more gaming or especially dedicated for workstations.
Besides the GT Series which is a bit heavy yet with the optical drive embedded, MSI offers the light and thin model such as GS Series.
The GS30, for example, is a 13.3-inch notebook. The look of the laptop is very similar to an Ultrabook, but the whole system is equipped with high performance GPU with Docking.

The MSI gaming notebook series with the highest performance has always been the GT Series. As 17.3-inch notebook was once considered the notebook with the biggest screen size.
The previous GT70 or the latest GT72 comes with a 17.3-inch display and many advanced hardware for ultimate efficiency and performance.
In 2015, MSI further upgrades its panel and capacities, featuring the GT series a 18.4-inch display.

The A side of GT80 remains similar of the GT72, metal brush and aesthetics lines inspired by matte black racing style.
The streamline cover design, decorated by few red liners, creates the sense of speed of the overall look.
The MSI logo and Dragon Gaming badge, illuminating white lights in the center of the cover, and the red liners at the two sides enhance the product quality and form the iconic look of the MSI gaming notebook.

The backpack bundled with GT80 is the same as the one bundled with GT72. The backpack is very spacious and the thickness is ideal for notebook protection.
The backpack is a bit too heavy and too thick for me when using with the GT72, however, it suit perfectly well with the GT80.
Moreover, MSI applies the vacuum package on the backpack this time. The overall packing size has been reduced a lot.

The bottom case design of GT80 is also similar to that of GT72, using one-piece large bottom plate.
The battery is non-removable and offers a large capacity of 75.24Wh (8 cell), a bit lower than the 83Wh (9 cell) of GT72.
The speaker of GT80 uses 2.1 channel sound systems, with 2 speakers at both channel of the notebook (one on each side).
The red block in the photo is where the woofer cover placement.

GT80 - bundled accessories
Drivers and utilities disc, user quick guide, user manual, two-year warranty leaflet, MSI professional gaming mouse, MSI gaming mouse pad, professional wrist rest for the keyboard, MSI Dragon Doll.
And the special MSI gold caps kit for mechanical keyboard.

Inside the MSI gold caps kit, there are four WASD and one ESC special golden caps.
Gamers can now playing games more fluently. Golden color of the key caps set and the dragon image imprinted on the ESC cap increase the overall quality.
Moreover, these caps are made of metal, ensuring the endurance of the product.

The Delta 330w adaptor and power cord.
Even this adaptor is a slim model, but the overall look and size are still big. The GT80 is powered by so far the most powerful GTX980M SLI, therefore, demands an adaptor that provides wattage as high as 330W.

The B side of the GT80 is a 18.4-inch FHD vivid display, with a Full HD of 1920 X 1080.
The non-glare display provides a more comfortable environment for users eyes, permitting a longer usage whereas considerably reducing eye fatigue.

The primary design of the GT80 on the C side.
The upper side of this part is bigger and there is a dragon tattoo imprinted on it.
The lower side embedded with a full size mechanic keyboard (the worlds first mechanic keyboard on a gaming notebook).
There are also three blue indicator lights.