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    Jul 2014

    Is my Q9550 2.83GHZ/12MB L2cache

    really so outdated as to be worse than a modern Pentium built on the 22nm process ???
    I read this in an article dealing with video cards.
    Wow...I have been in denial a long time if this is true.

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    Dec 2002
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    Cool Re: Is my Q9550 2.83GHZ/12MB L2cache

    No, I have a 775 socket x3210 quad xeon, which is close to being a Q6600 except for multi. The Q9550 is a next gen @45NM processor , Have one too, both still have long legs......
    Here is the build: Note:I have switched both X3210 and Q9550 and both run great.
    Having a great motherboard and quality parts help much.

    AC Freezer 7 Pro H/S/F
    Xeon X3210 Quad (skt775)2.3 @3.6Ghz
    Asus Rampage Formula/1 X 4 GB Gkill DDR2
    Sapphire HD4890 1GB PCIe Graphics Card
    2x36Gb WD Raptors Raid0[Win7Pro]
    2x80Gb WD Spinners[Win8.1Pro/Win10 Build[10130]
    OCZ 550W Fatality Modular PS
    Antec SX1040 Performance Case

    To tell you the truth, its fast in current terms and solid as a rock. I have since completed 2 new builds and to be honest, this old machine is almost as fast as new builds for anything but gaming, still good but cannot be maxed out in newer games.

    Without knowing your hardware, a GPU upgrade might be a good addition until a new build is done.
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    4x4Gb GSkill 1866/R9 290X
    Sandisk ExtremeII 240GB/WD 1TB Black Spinner
    Lian Li Pc-7B plusII /OCZ 600W ModXStream/Z-5500's.[/I]

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