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    Sep 2012

    Something is Very Wrong Here.

    I remember when the Republican 2012 convention was going on that the kicking out of members and delegates who did not agree with everything that was going on was not a good thing.

    Now it's going on on the floors of our legislature. I will guarantee you that it will work out worse.
    House Republican leaders are cracking down on rebellious members after a near-disaster on a trade vote last week.

    Reps. Cynthia Lummis, Steve Pearce, and Trent Franks have been removed from the whip team after they sided with GOP rebels to vote against a rule governing debate on a trade bill, according to sources close to the team.

    Lummis, a deputy whip and a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, was perhaps the whip team's highest-ranking bridge to the conference's most intransigent members. Pearce and Franks also are very close to House conservatives.
    Here's the why: There is an agenda going on here that ALREADY EXCLUDES THE PUBLIC. Now this inside job is dealing with any naysayers. A leadership that doesn't have to listen to another opinion from it's own members, SURE AS SH!T DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOURS! When are the people going to learn that these "leaders" are not representing them, but an elite power group that would just as soon not have to deal with much of anyone else?

    I'm really afraid that the corruption here will run deeper. To the point that more contrarians will disappear and ballot boxes will be rigged. Our political leadership has become a disaffected criminal organization that is totally out of touch with their constituency. Look at their works-

    - Where are all the jobs the president promised? Well over 1/3 of the labor force is no longer working, their jobs are still being sent overseas. One of the most deceptive numbers is the unemployment rate. It is padded by any job that comes along- including an exploding number of part-time positions and fewer lower paying full-time ones that require a college degree to swab a toilet. Moreover, the US is going the way of much of Europe where young adults have the highest unemployment.

    - Where is the balanced budget and the reduced debt? This government just rubber-stamps the debt ceiling and the deficit under this administration has not even gone under any deficit prior to it. We have doubled down the principle of the debt without any chance of ever repaying it.

    - So WHY THE FUK DO YOU THINK THESE PEOPLE ARE HIDING THE TPP FROM YOU? A politician NEVER hides a good thing he can take credit for. What does that say about this agreement and WHY SHOULD WE SUPPORT ANYTHING THAT HELPS IT ALONG?

    This government has abandoned its citizens in favor of a plan they are being told to PASS OR ELSE. And they are now kicking out all dissent.

    I can't wait until we are prosecuted for thought-crimes.
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    American Public Education Made Me Ignorant and MSM Keeps Me Stupid.

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